Wes Hamilton

Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

October 2018 Listen For Wisdom

Last month you were actively listening for completions inspired by the 9 energy of September. October’s vibrational energy wants you to realize you are entering a new higher level of vibrational energy. This 11/2 master energy of 2018 plus October being the 10th month of the year, carries a unique higher vibration. It is prompting you to develop your conscious awareness to become enlightened. In simple terms, stay present and listen for wisdom.

Remember 2018’s vibrational energy is an 11/2 self-mastery, a higher vibrational energy inspiring you to develop a better skill level of learning to listen. Hopefully by now you have become a more active listener using level 2 and level 3 listening skills in your personal and professional life.

Now that you are becoming a better listener, and becoming more enlightened, you can take advantage of October’s energy. This month, you are encouraged to use your recently improved skills to bring the gifts of listening for wisdom into your life. So, some good questions you may ask are “What actually is wisdom? Where does it come from? How do I learn to listen for wisdom?” Here are a few examples for you to practice and work with as you listen for wisdom:

  • Access your memories from the past several years of trying lots of new ideas. You can use this accumulated data to better understand the complete picture of how you have been gathering wisdom and how wisdom has been your teacher.
  • Engage with a passion to “know thyself”. This is a powerful committed practice of self-discovery exploring the greater aspects of yourself. Explore your dreams, and your passion. This self- awareness lifestyle is how you gain personal power wisdom.
  • Observe what your personal experiences have taught you about manifesting; Your personal experiential practices of trial and error have always been teaching you lessons and how you are discovering solutions and successes. From that comes wisdom.

This year, October wants you to become more aware of how the universe also supplies wisdom using its natural mystical vibrations, forces and messages. Messages from God are also referred to as your intuition or messages from higher sources such as Angels, Guides, nature, your environment, etc. If you choose to develop or increase your intuitive skills this October, the vibrational energies are ready, willing, and able to awaken and enhance this gift you have. This is the higher vibrational energy that October has for you to explore, practice, and master.

Numerology shows us the last three months of each year are designed to raise your thoughts to a higher vibration so you can align with the bigger picture or purpose of your life.

  • October (10) 1 and 0, one vibrates to higher connections and 0 is the vibration of God.
  • November (11) 1 and 1, alignment of self with your higher self of 11/2 Mastery
  • December (12) 1 and 2, connecting self (1) with others (2) to create and celebrate (3)Best days in October to listen for wisdom and become enlightened: October 1-12, 14, 16, 19, 20-31