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Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

September 2018 Listen for completions

You might as well face it, it’s done! Whatever you have been coddling and nurturing for the past few months that’s not working out, really wants to be done. Time is up; set it free, let it be what it will be.

September is the 9th month of the year and Numerology explains the vibrational energy of 9 encourages you to let go and let the completion happen. Listen for completions so you can get ready for something new to enter your life. Whatever you have been trying your best to accomplish or achieve this year and it just isn’t happening, now is the time to let it go!

If you spend a few moments to look back at your life, you will be reminded, many things needed to end so you could embrace something new. Remember your first love? It ended so someone new could be with you. Remember your first job, it was probably a really a good thing that didn’t last forever.

This year the vibrational energy of 2018 is doing its best to get you to listen to your intuition. Learn to count on it as a powerful guidance system to alert you to be more aware of completions on your path. These are transitions that will influence your future. As you are reading this, does it bring to your mind a few completion messages you heard and tended to brush aside because you didn’t want to deal with the issues?

This month I suggest you make a conscious effort to pause for a few moments and listen to your intuition as it guides you through the four main pillars of your life.

  • Career pillar – what has your intuition been whispering to you that you are ignoring?
  • Relationship pillar – what needs to be completed?
  • Health pillar – what has your intuitive guidance system been showing you?
  • Spiritual pillar – what have you been prompted to complete so you feel more connectedto your higher self?Listening to your intuition is a natural gift everyone has been given. Some people sense and trust the voice of their inner spirit and readily follow its wisdom. Many people hear their inner voice and choose to ignore the messages until the message becomes such an issue that it knocks them over like a 2 x 4 to the head. There are also a few people that are challenged to accept or believe there is an inner voice, so they continue to deny its presence.Whatever intuitive inner voice group you feel that you belong to, September’s vibrational energy will be amped up to alert you to listen for completions that are due now.
    Think of September as a “house cleaning” month. Observe your 4 pillars that influence your life and be honest with yourself to allow necessary completions to happen, so you can move forward into the next part of your life.

    Best days in September to listen for completions are:
    September 1-30, and September 9, 18, and 27 will have the loudest messages for you!

    ~ Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

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