Wes Hamilton

14 Reasons to try Numerology

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Here are 14 scenarios of how numerology is used by people in their personal and professional lives.

1. Reassure themselves that they are on the right path
2. Uncover their pre-chosen destiny
3. Confirm their life purpose of knowing who they are
4. Reveal their future potential
5. Use it as a tool to better understand others
6. Show themselves other possibilities for their life
7. Help them to prepare for upcoming challenges
8. Gives them direction in life
9. Enables them to take advantage of opportunities coming their way
10. Provides their life’s blueprint for learning, opportunities, and success
11. Makes themselves aware of their gifts and challenges
12. Helps them to forecast and plan their future
13. Improves their relationships with others
14. Provides insights into why what, and when things will occur on their path

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