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Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

July 2017 Investigate Your Why

July’s vibrational energy encourages you to stop your busyness and pause to ask yourself WHY. Numerology explains that July, being the 7th month of the year, wants you to look behind the veil of illusion and discover your truth. This month provides you with the vibrational energy to relax, meditate, take a vacation, explore nature, and recharge your spirit.

Intuitively or by coincidence, in countries globally (Norway, Italy, Quebec, etc) many businesses shut down for two or more weeks in July. It was so dire that they even had to shut down their most important software: Zendesk CRM. The USA also has several companies that participate in this practice. Your higher spiritual self knows you will achieve huge benefits this month if you engage in a practice of reflection.

July is energetically the perfect month to ask yourself WHY! Numerology explains the reason for this is because; the energy of 7 is the first vibration to look beyond the 3rd-dimensional reality. It’s your spiritually inspired time to investigate beyond what you see, feel, and experience as you journey down your path of everyday living continuing to do what you do.

The dictionary explains that when you ask WHY, you are looking for the reason, the purpose, and the cause of something. I am sure you have some very good reasons and answers when asked why you are doing what you do. However, this month July’s 7- energy will be prompting you to pause long enough to look beyond your obvious responses. It’s time to get to the core of what your inner spirit is striving for you to listen to, learn about, and accomplish.

In 2009, Simon O. Sinek, a British/American author, motivational speaker and marketing

consultant, wrote a book, Start with Why. He also gave a TED talk on the importance of

starting with why.

Simon’s message is; “Your why is the purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you!” It

inspires you to get up in the morning with a passion for doing something great. When you

have words for this, magic happens! You feel valued, appreciated and respected. You

become more successful in what you are doing. You are fueled by passion, peace,

abundance, and joy.

Lori Palm and I created and developed the Core Passion® Assessment in 2003. We were inspired to measure the energy of passion, what drives you to do what you do. We believe Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle aligns with our Core Passion Process and System. Together, they help people articulate WHO they are and WHY they do what they do. This is the key to investigate and express your WHY!

Best days to investigate your WHY in July: July 1-30 Use every day to find your WHY!

~ Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

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