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Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

September 2016 Request, Require, Release

Now is the perfect time of the year for you to send your request to the universe about what you require in your life to live in peace, abundance and joy. It is also the perfect time for you to ask the universe to help you release the things in your life that keep you from enjoying the energy of peace, abundance and joy.

Sounds simple! However, you may find yourself hanging on to people, jobs, routines, old patterns, or even old outdated clothes, computers, and cell phones. It may seem silly for you to think about disposing of things that are familiar and comfortable, but it is important for you to become aware of how energy works.

Do you know that energy can lift you up and drag you down? Are you aware that energy needs to be moving and recycled to keep it vibrant and stimulated? Energy is like a pond of water, if it has no inlet or outlet it becomes stagnant.

Your life’s personal energy vortex is much like a pond of water. You need new inlet energy sources like people, careers, routines, patterns, clothes, computers, and even cell phones. This is how your life continues to evolve through having new inlets of energy flowing. Of course, you also need to have outlets to release and let old energies go on their journey.

The energy of September is designed to facilitate this transition for you because in Numerology it is a 9-vibrational energy. The energy of 9 encourages transitions by releasing the old and requesting the new energies into your life for what you require to evolve into the energies of peace, abundance and joy.

Once every nine years you get an extra push to make a huge transition. This is happening this month in 2016! You are in the energy of 9 (2+0+1+6=9) and September’s energy is also a 9 vibrational energy month. Add the month and year together and you end up with the powerful energy of 9 (9+9=18/9).

September can be a very exciting month for you if you are ready to make your requests to ask for things you require for you to grow. Or this could be a challenging month if you find yourself in resistance to releasing the energies that you are emotionally attached to and feel responsible to keep.

If you are unsure if it’s time to release certain people, careers, routines, patterns, clothes, computers, and even cell phones, try using tools that work with your subconscious mind. Ask your pendulum for a yes or no answer. Draw cards from your favorite deck and ask, “What do I need to know about letting this go.” Or try muscle testing to get clear on what you are ready to release.

Best days in September to request, require, and release are:
September 1-30! This whole month works for you to make these transitions.

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