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August 2016 Decide, Defend, Delete

This month it’s time to get busy and decide about what you want to focus your energy on as you move forward in your personal and professional life. To get started, I suggest you revisit your list of intentions, goals, and desires you planned to achieve this year.

Hopefully, most of your intentions are in various stages of completion or well underway to being completed by the close of 2016. If some of your intentions, goals, and desires are not where you want them to be, it’s time to see why. If you have a few “shadow intentions” that have not been brought into the light for you to accomplish, perhaps it’s time for you to decide to delete them.

If before you hit the delete key you find yourself defending them, I suggest you reflect as to why you continue to defend and not delete them. Perhaps these are intentions you feel you should do, not what you are passionate to do. Is it possible these are challenging your confidence, beliefs and abilities? Are there overwhelming concerns about your future that keep you from completing these intentions? Perhaps you just don’t want to make the effort!

Or is there is a still small voice in your heart/head that says to accomplish these shadow intentions you need to create a “break thru commitment” to move past your fears of stepping fully into your passion, purpose and your destiny?

August is the month to decide, why? August vibrates to the energy of 8, the vibration of making decisions to accomplish, manifest, organize and pursue. (August is one of the months real estate sales reach their high point in the year.)

Adding the vibrational energy of August (8) to the vibrational energy of 2016 (9) equals the combined vibration of 17. The message here is; the (1) vibrational energy represents you and the (7) vibration is encouraging you to research and reflect on what you want. Adding the 1+7 equals 8, the energy of you needing to decide, defend or delete what intentions are required for you to support and accomplish your intentions in 2016.

I suggest while you are in the energy to decide, defend or delete this month, you review your Core Passion Codes to help you understand why you do what you do. It’s also a good idea to review your Numerology to give you guidance about the journey you are on to become all you can be in 2016.

If you have had an updated Numerology reading this year, you can get lots of information about who you are and what you are here to pursue and accomplish by going to the Apple App store with your IPad and purchase my newly released “WhatsMyDestiny” app. $9.99

Best days to decide, defend, and delete your intentions for 2016 are: August 1-11, 17-19, 26-29. 

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