Wes Hamilton

Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

Plan your day by the Numbers

Here is the secret decoder to your daily timeline;: Use the numerical value of the day to make your plans. So, on the… 

1- Start something new, find a new interest or hobby, and discover a new way to drive home.

2-  Meet someone for lunch, move furniture in your home, listen to your significant other.

3- Take time to play, write in your journal, attend a play

4- Make plans, finish a project, work in the garden.

5- Travel and explore, be competitive, think outside the box.

6- Set healthy boundaries, offer advice, donate to a charity.

7- Study something interesting, ask questions, be suspicious.

8- Push yourself, manifest your dreams, buy something of quality

9-  Go to a museum, spend time with someone from a foreign country, dine a 5 star restaurant.

10- Attend an inspirational class, ponder why you, why now, get a reading.

11- Listen to your intuition, meditate, journal your thoughts

12- Go to a movie with a friend, write about a fun experience, take pictures

13- Remodel your home, rekindle a relationship, watch your health.

14- Break the rules, travel somewhere new, entertain your friends

15- Have family over for dinner, travel with family, learn something new

16- Listen closely, ask lots of questions, don’t take it personal.

17- Invent something, research new ways to make money, promote something.

18- Buy your friends dinner, travel overseas; give to your favorite charity.

19- Take a leadership role, write something profound, and buy something of quality to wear.

20- Attend a book club, ponder your purpose, Go dancing.

21- Write a poem to a loved one, sing in the shower, and dance in the rain.

22- Plan a trip, create a landscape collage, study an ancient culture.

23- Hurry up and wait, play with a friend, take a road trip.

24- Plan a family gathering, go camping, plant some flowers.

25- Keep a secret, start a diet, create a video.

26- Buy a gift for your loved one, share insights with a friend, teach someone a skill.

27- Watch a sci-fi movie, expose a fraud, and share a secret.

28- Invest your savings, start a retirement plan, invest in yourself.

29- Record your dream; get a reading, study metaphysics.

30- Write a self- help book, record yourself singing, Give a speech.

31- Complete you’re to do list, exercise, and update your checkbook.  

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