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“Mercury in Retrograde” is here and active again

Each Mercury retrograde has a certain flavor and character based on the sign that Mercury is in when it goes retrograde and the sign that it ends up in when it goes direct. They are often different signs. This retrograde is unique in that Mercury will start out in the “air” sign of Aquarius and end up in Aquarius. In astrology there are four “elements”: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. This retrograde is even more unique because Mercury retrograde periods only occur in the same “element” (i.e. Fire, Earth, Air, Water) sign approximately every seven years.

“The last time there was an air-air-air trio involving this set up of Mercury retrograde and the Sun (in the same element) was in 2008. In fact, it happened three times in 2008: January 28-February 18, May 26-June 19, September 24-October 15. You might remember what happened in 2008 in regards to the world economy. The time before that was in 2001, when it occurred twice: June 3-27 and October 1-22. You might remember what happened in 2001 in regards to the world economy, as the dot com bubble burst in May of that year, followed by the attack on the World Trade Center in September 2001. It was a time of hysteria in financial markets and politics. This trio was also present in late 1929 and 1930 too. It is approximately a 7-year cycle.”

This is a exerpt from the Huffington Post

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