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November 2018 – Listen For Purpose

This year there is a rare vibrational energy happening in November and this rare energy opportunity will not occur again until 2027! If you have …

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Secrets and Tips for personal transformation

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October 2018 Listen For Wisdom

Last month you were actively listening for completions inspired by the 9 energy of September. October’s vibrational energy wants you to realize you are entering …

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September 2018 Listen for completions

You might as well face it, it’s done! Whatever you have been coddling and nurturing for the past few months that’s not working out, really …

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Listen For Clues

July 2018 Listen For Clues

If you have been “learning to listen” (2018’s vibrational messages) this year, I believe by now you are becoming more aware how valuable your intuition …

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June is the 6th month of the year has lots of interesting messages for you to interpret as you keep moving forward on your journey …

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Listen For Direction

Would it not be amazing to wake up in the morning and be able to have a sense of direction for your day? Would it …

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2018 Predictions

Learn to Listen in 2018

Wes reveals his forecast for 2018 in this video.

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Learn to Listen

2018 is a very special year! Numerology shows you the vibrational energy is 2+0+1+8 = 11/2. This is the universal year to learn the art and …

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Remember and Rejoice

Santa’s on his way! Seasonal holidays remind you to celebrate with friends, family, and people who you care about. This is the time of the …

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November 2017 Listen And Learn

The last 3 months of your year are vibrating with a much higher double-digit vibrational frequency than the first 9 months of the year. From …

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October 2017 Take A Risk

Last month the energy of September encouraged you to “clean your closets”. You needed to do this so you will have a clear energy field …

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It’s time for you to make it big!

People will buy if you embrace these 3 communication secrets about selling. Magnetic communication energy is: compelling, captivating, and irresistible, There are two levels to …

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August 2017 Manage Your Resources

August vibrates the energy of organization, management, and investment. To be spiritually aligned and physically, emotionally, and mentally successful, now is the time to manage …

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July 2017 Investigate Your Why

July’s vibrational energy encourages you to stop your busyness and pause to ask yourself WHY. Numerology explains that July, being the 7th month of the …

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