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Podcast: About the What’s My Destiny App

Communication Hero Radio Podcasts

Episode 22 of Communication Hero Radio, is about the making of the What’s My Destiny app. Today’s guests are Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist and Terrance Schubring, master designer, programmer, and singer/songwriter. Here are the questions we asked Wes and Terrance.

  1. Congratulations Wes on your new app, What’s My Destiny? Tell us about how you decided to create an app for your Numerology.
  2. Who is the audience for this app? (numerologists, students, inspiration for the day)
  3. How does using a blue tooth keyboard help you?
  4. Terrance, what was the most interesting creating the math behind the magic?
  5. What are some of the features of the app? (usability)
  6. Terrance can we use you as an example?
  7. Wes, how can people learn more about your app? Whatsmydestiny.com, WesHamilton.com
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