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Do yolu know why----

Take a guess, why do do what you do every day? Love? Money? status? Joy? If you are really curious take a moment to connect with your Passion now:

How can you know  ---

When you are ready to step on the path to Mastery?

If you are at a crossroads in your life and you are looking for answers, then you may want to look into the mirror, and ask; "Are you are ready to Know thy self"?.

Why this question? Well when you know who you are --- You know what to do!

I started on my path to Mastery in 1970 when my father suddenly passed away. He was a very young man with a great future in front of him. When he died I was puzzeled with a loud screaming question "What is the point? What is the purpose of our life?"

Those questions placed me on my path to finding me. I did not know it at the time, however I had begun to walk down the path of Mastery.

Beginning my Blogging with Passion

I am excited to venture into the world of community today as I find the words I want to share with you. At first I became intimidated as I connected to the power of expressing myself. After a few moments I took a deep breath and said "Dam the torpedoes-- full speed ahead"!

I really want to share information that will cause you to think about who you are being.

I want to write about my journey of finding myself and then developing my skills with knowledge of who I am really am being as I continue down my path to becoming all I can be.

My friend Patty just stopped by and shared a video on you tube about how people who are able make a difference are viewed as different!

Here is the video, what do you believe about who you are?


Where are you in this picture?

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