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When you know Who you are--You know what to do!

 I never felt like I really fit here on planet earth. As a child I felt like I was part of a group of souls (people) that were not here. I was very connected to these souls, more so than the family I was born into. I can remember finding the Lord’s Prayer and hiding it in my dresser. At night I would retrieve this valued document and memorize it until I didn’t need to read it to recite it in its entirety.

Another  really strange thing I recall was I did not choose to go to Sunday school when my parents offered this to me!

When I was about 7 years old I was out in the field hunting with my BB gun. I had no BBs however it didn’t matter; I was having a great experience with my imagination. I recall seeing a bird setting in the tree just ahead of me. I got very quiet, took aim and said “bang” to myself. To my surprise the bird fell dead. I went over to the bird and picked it up; there was not a mark on it. Then I heard this very loud deep voice say “Be careful of your thoughts”. There was no one around; it all seemed very surreal, then and now.

In high school I asked my group of invisible souls (the voices) to stop talking to me, I really wanted to fit into what I thought was a normal life. Shortly after voicing this, I recall feeling very alone and lonesome for the next 3 years. One bright sunny day I was driving my 1954 Buick convertible with the top down. I had just received my driver’s license and I was really feeling the gift of freedom as I drove South down highway #100 through Golden Valley, MN. I felt I was free to go whereever I choose to go, however I was still feeling very lonesome. In that moment I asked to be reconnected to the voices and I was!

In 1970 my dad died suddenly. A few weeks after the funeral, I was contacted by him. This was the beginning of many years of communication about life after death and what my role was in this lifetime. I was told I am here to share information about our bigger role as spiritual beings having a human experience on planet earth. I am to share how the same energetic principles work weather we have a physical body or we are using our Light Body (the body we use when we leave our physical body).

Fate stepped into my life in 1992; I had been actively pursuing financial success for many years. I had abandoned much of my communication with the “other side” and focused on becoming wealthy and retiring early, just like the infomercials suggest. I was doing really well, and then in 1986 the tax laws changed. The real estate and financial world turned upside down and everything came crashing down. In December of 1992 on the recommendation of my accountant and my lawyer I filed bankruptcy. Everything was gone!

I went on a spiritual retreat in the spring of 1993 and on that retreat I keep asking everyone I talked with “why did my life take such and abrupt turn? Why did I have to give everything up?”

The answer came loud and clear; “so you would be here today”! I got it! I had abandoned my path I had gotten caught up in the energy of “gathering my treasures up on earth”!

Soon after that retreat I found a meditation class that many of my new friends were very excited about. It was changing their lives. I signed up for the Awakening your Light Body course and spent the next 9 months in meditation training. It was life changing for me too. I felt connected like I had never been connected before. I moved from the struggle of doing my life to the process of creating my life. I was happy. I was so excited I recommended the training to everyone.

Fate continued to guide me for the next several years. I had three more important experiences happen that was life changing. These experiences gave me some of my tools to do my “work”.

The first of the three experiences was several of the people I suggested take the Awakening your Light Body course asked if I would teach them the meditation course. I listened and went to California and took the training.

The second experience was being ordained into the Melchezidek priesthood. This really connected me to my soul, that day I made a big commitment to my self and my path!

The third experience occurred in Sedona AZ. I was on another spiritual retreat. I met a physiologist while on a walk into Boynton canyon. This was an all day guided walk and we ended up talking about who we were and what we did etc. During the walk she asked my name and my date of birth. By the end of the day she knew more about me than I did! I asked her how she knew all of the personal, hidden information. She smiled and said Numerology. I spent the next 3 years learning this valuable information.  

In 2003 I was contacted by Merlin the mystical magician and he suggested that, my wife Lori Palm and I collaborate and create a tool and a practice to assist people to better understand themselves at a very core level.

We agreed to Merlins suggest; we spent the next 3 years listening, creating, and writing. We took our work to the leading Psychologist, and methodologist in the country. We asked her to validate what we created. She preformed many trials and surveys and discovered this work was as close to truth that she had ever seen. It was off the charts accurate! It was truth. The Core Passion® Codes and a system of practice was born

Today I am very happy and successful; I am on my path doing my “work;” and I get to work with my friends on the other side.

I get to help people understand their Destiny and their soul’s path using the ancient art of Numerology.

I enjoy teaching the skills and knowledge to awaken everyone’s abilities using the Awakening your Light Body meditation program.

Now I get to enjoy working with everyone’s Core Passion® Codes; they begin to get very excited as they discover what is driving their decisions, their behavior and their passion. We are having a great response to our new product: the Core Passion® Assessment tool.

For the last 30 years I have been a very successful Real Estate broker, helping people buy and sell their homes. I refer to these homes as Magical Kingdoms, a place where all your dreams can come true. In addition to my real estate skills I use all of my metaphysical skills that I have acquired over the years. This combination of “inner and outer skills” always creates win-win transactions for everyone.

Let me give you and example of how this works. I will receive a call about selling or buying a home. I listen to what they want and then I ask what their birthday is? This gives us insights as to the proper timing of the sale or purchase.

 Next I visit the property and work with the Feng Shui and the magnetic energy fields of the home to see if the energy is going to allow the transaction to occur or is there work to be done to correct these embalances.

This sets the stage for them to take the Core Passion® Assessment. We look at what is driving the decision to buy and or sell their home. Putting it all together is what I do best!

I look forward to working with you; please visit my websites to learn more about who I am and what I do.

Losing Andrew Carnegie 

Carnegie apparently said, "Take away my people, but leave my factories and soon grass will grow on the factory floors......Take away my factories, but leave my people and soon we will have a new and better factory."

Is there a typical large corporation working today that still believes this?

Most organizations now have it backwards. The factory, the infrastructure, the systems, the patents, the process, the manual... that's king. In fact, shareholders demand it.

It turns out that success is coming from the atypical organizations, the ones that can get back to embracing irreplaceable people, the linchpins, the ones that make a difference. Anything else can be replicated cheaper by someone else.

-          Seth Godin

Seth Godin wrote this in his blog today. For those who are not familuar with Andrew Carnegie, he was one of the most successful business man of all times.

He contracted Napoleon Hill to write the best seller “Think and Grow Rich”. In this book Mr Carnegie disclosed his secret formula that not only made him rich, but a score of other men rich to who he taught these powerful secrets.

One of the key secrets Andrew Carnegie shared with Napoleon Hill was to be successful “you must have a burning desire”, you must have Passion.

At we believe this Key element (Passion) is the driving energy source for  the remaining 14 secrets to become activated and implemented into your plan to create success.

Because we feel so strongly about the driving force of Passion Lori Palm and I created and developed a new powerful tool to measure your Passion! Our newly created cutting edge tool the Core Passion® Assessment tool is tested and validated for accuracy so you can be sure to use this powerful energy source wisely and with clear intention to achieve your desire, to become successful.

Seth Godin states in his new best seller Linchpin “todays culture needs more Linchpins.”  Seth’s term Linchpin refers to the vital pin that holds a wheel on a wagon so it won’t fall off. Seth states “in todays business culture, we all need to become Linchpins, indispensable to keep our jobs, to move up the ladder to take our business to the top!”

If you look at one of history’s most successful businessmen Andrew Carnegie, he knew the real value of any business is the people, not the building, the machines, or the product. He knew the secrets of business success. He knew people and their passion energy would drive success.

Now with our new cutting edge Core Passion® Assessment tool you can Discover your most powerful enrgy sources. Now you have a tool available to describe your natural gifts. You have words, a language to communicate what you have always felt or known deep inside about what you desire. Today you have a rare opportunity to become inspired, have clairity and direction about what you really desire as you plan your future. You can use this powerful Core Passion® natural energy source you have always possessed for your own success, just like Andrew Carnegie did.

-Wes Hamilton CSO

Mall of America developers adopting multi-phase approach

When the developers built the now famous mega mall the Mall Of America in Bloomington Minnesota, they had plans to add on to the project in the near future. That was in 1985, now 25 years later with our culture changing and our economic future cloudy the headlines tell us these developers need to adapt to today’s new reality needs.

Now the developers are looking at new innovative ways to build the mega mall larger, however they need to know how approach the project differently. They do know their big picture addition needs to be phased in from several different perspectives.

That brings to mind a very important question for you. Where are you at today with your big picture plans for your business? Is it possible you may need to look at phasing in several new innovative approaches that align with today’s new reality?

Lori Palm and I attended a Global Leadership conference in February 2010. The message throughout the day was; “we are living in a new reality” for our personal and professional lives. We need to wake up and connect to where we are at with our intentions, our focus, our business strategies, our priorities, and our values.

Our new reality has a new awareness and a new understanding about what success really means. We must become committed to valuing and enhancing our most valuable asset, human capital.

Andrew Carnegie, one of the most successful businessmen of all time knew the secret of business success. He knew buildings, machines, land and product would eventually turn to dust without people. He said, “Take away my people, but leave my factories and soon grass will grow on the factory floors......Take away my factories, but leave my people and soon we will have a new and better factory."

Today’s new reality demands we honor the human spirit; we must discover the Core Passions® within ourselves and use these powerful energy sources to motivate all of us to peace, abundance, and joy. Why? Because that is what the new reality defines as success in the new millennium.

Today we have a new validated cutting edge Core Passion® assessment tool to discover within each one of us the energy that drives us to do what we do over and over again.

This new knowledge is paramount to get to the Heart of the matter within each person to connect them to their driving forces. When they get connected to this information they will have a language to express themselves. They will have a common language to communicate with each other. They will have bar chart to see the intensity of each of their driving forces.

This Core Passion® energy, The Core Passion® Factor is what is needed to create the fusion of human energy with business energy for today’s new reality success.

Now is the time to make the shift from your old business practices to the new Twenty-first century business practices. This new innovative approach of fusing Human energy with business energy will allow you to develop the knowledge and skills of Success for everyone. You will multi phase your life and your business into the new reality of the new millennium.

-Wes Hamilton CSO

Think and Grow Rich 

Well I am sure you are saying:  "- ok I'm thinking! When will I be rich? I'm thinking I want to be rich, I think it about being rich a lot!"

I believe if you knew exactly what to think about you would  agree to --git er done--

Let me tell you about Napoleon Hill, he wrote a best seller in 193o's called "Think and grow Rich" it has been a best seller for years, however only a few people have been able to read this book and become rich.
My sense is, after reading the book people don't know how the voice and apply one or more of the most important secrets revealed in the writing. For sure they need to have the first secret nailed, they must have a strong Burning Desire. They need to identify their Passion!  This is where most people have gotten stuck.

But wait --Now there is a new cutting edge tool called the Core Passion Assessment.    After taking this assessment and studying your  results you will have the winners chance to become rich. Why? Because you will have a language to talk about what drives you to do what you do. You will be one of the few who are able to use the first Secret Napoleon Hill described as Desire!

Stop now! Go take this assessment now, then  re-read Think and Grow Rich and stay energized with your Core Passion, follow the other secrets and I know I'll see you in the Millionaires circle.

Spring is here - Light your Fire !

Have you noticed how light-hearted people are this week? In Minnesota it was 65 degrees above zero Sunday 3/14/2010 That's a record high. This time of year we usually have 3 feet of snow and 25 -30 degree days.

Having a record high temperature yesterday reminded me our life can change in an instant and usually it is our feelings that cause the shift. I am becoming aware feelings that usually get stuffed back down deep inside during times of stress, like now in today's fearful economic stew.

I have interviewed several  people last year ranging from successful to struggling, rich to poor, healthy to sick and discovered the common thread was a lack of "fire in the belly".

When our fire has gone out we tend to place ourself on "auto pilot" we lose our sense of where we are at and how we feel. I noticed successful people were working 15 plus hours a day. They hod created a schedule that did not allow time to feel, their fire was out.

I saw the people who were struggling were so worried they dared only to feel fear, their fire was out.

 I was amazed the rich I interviewed were so fearful of  their present-day enviroment they only had time to worry about how they could keep from losing more of what they had. Their fire was cold.

Healthy people were few and far between, most of them were sticking to their workout plan and staying away from crowds so they would not "catch anything". Their fire was burning low.

The sick were so stressed and "out of their bodies" they had no clue what to feel, I had a sense they were only able to feel victimized by their situation. Their fire was out.

So just for today I ask you to take a few moments,  step outside and feel the sunshine on your face, feel the warmth of God's life force energy and pause long enough to be aware--- Spring is here and this time of the year is designed for new beginnings and opportunities --- choose -- feel ---- share the joy of Spring in the air. It is time to light your fire!!!